Is my Real Scooter ready to ride out of the box?

Almost! The battery should have a charge you just need to install the handlebars and it will be ready to ride. However, we recommend you fully charge the scooter before riding.


What is the minimum age required for riding?

The Real Scooter is recommended for riders 18 years of age and older.


Where can I ride my Real Scooter?

The Real Scooter is intended for Off-Road use only. However, we encourage you to review your local rules, regulations, and laws the can vary depending on the municipality. We strongly advise the use of safety equipment like helmets, pads and other riding equipment.


Can I Real Scooter in any weather?

Riding in hot or colder temperatures can affect the performance and battery life. We do not recommend riding the Real scooter in wet, damp or extreme conditions. Please always store your Real Scooter indoors in a dry environment.


Can I ride my Real Scooter on any terrain?

In short yes, however excessive off-road use or extreme maneuvers may cause damage and void your warranty. The Real Scooter is capable of light off-road use and should handle most dirt, grass and off pavement roads, paths just fine.


What’s the best way to clean my Real Scooter?

You can use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Delicate cleaners can be used but do not spray directly onto any electrical components.


What countries do you ship to?

The Real Scooter can be shipped to most countries however please contact Info@therealscooters.com prior to ordering Internationally.